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Brazilian avocado salad

this colourful, crispy salad is great for lunch or as a side 2 People 10 minutes 0 minutes Equipment Sharp knife Chopping board Mixing bowl Mixing spoon Ingredients 1 avocado 1 red onion 10 cherry tomatoes 198g can sweetcorn (drained) 1/2 lime (for juicing) 1 tablespoon olive oil Black pepper for seasoning Simple steps Slice…Read More »


Muffin pizza

Breakfast muffins make great lunch sized pizza bases 1 People 5 minutes 10 minutes Equipment Chopping Board Sharp Knife Spreading knife Tablespoon Baking tray Grater Can opener Ingredients 1 English muffin or wholemeal pitta 2 tablespoons tinned tomatoes (drained) or tomato puree or passata Your choice of toppings e.g. chopped vegetables, ham, pineapple etc. 3…Read More »


Rainbow wraps

Colourful and fun wraps, perfect for lunches 1 People 5 minutes 0 minutes Equipment Chopping board Sharp knife Grater Tablespoon Ingredients Tortilla Wraps (plain/wholemeal/granary/or herb) Low fat cream cheese Low fat salsa Beetroot Carrot Red pepper Tomato Simple steps Thinly spread the cream cheese and salsa on the tortilla, but make sure you cover it…Read More »


Cous cous salad

A yummy salad full of goodness, with chicken, pepper and sultanas 2 People 5 minutes 10 minutes Equipment Measuring jug Sharp knife Chopping board Fork Tablespoon Weighing scales Ingredients 120ml vegetable stock 100g cous cous ½ tablespoon olive oil 25g cooked chicken ½ red pepper 25g sultanas Simple steps Chop the red pepper and cooked…Read More »


Mediterranean pitta

A fresh and tasty sandwich alternative – also great in a wrap! 1 People 15 minutes 5 minutes Equipment Sharp knife Chopping board Grill / toaster Mixing bowl Mixing spoon Ingredients 1 wholemeal pitta bread or wrap 20g houmous  5g pesto 4 cherry tomatoes 5 olives 1/4 cucumber 30g feta cheese Handful of fresh parsley…Read More »


Brown rice salad

A tasty oriental dish that’s quick to make. 6 People 15 minutes 30 minutes Equipment Saucepan Sharp knife Chopping board Jar Medium bowl Tablespoon Weighing scales Ingredients Rice salad 200g brown rice 3 spring onions 1 red pepper 50g cashew nuts 50g raisins 2 tablespoons parsley 6 tablespoons soy sauce dressing soy sauce dressing 1…Read More »


Carrot salad

a slightly spicy crisp salad, perfect for a tasty lunch 2 People 10 minutes 0 minutes Equipment Vegetable peeler Chopping boards Grater Sharp knife Garlic press Teaspoon Mixing bowl Juicer Ingredients 4 carrots                  1 apple                         1 small red onion            1 handful of raisins              1 red or yellow pepper         1 clove of garlic                    ½ teaspoon mixed…Read More »


Tuna and tomato pasta salad

a delicious salad, perfect for lunch on a sunny day 4 People 20 minutes 15 minutes Equipment Saucepan Colander 2 Bowls Chopping board Sharp knife Weighing scales measuring spoons Stirring spoons Ingredients For the salad: 2 cos lettuces 4 ripe tomatoes 100g tinned tuna 4 spring onions Handful fresh parsley 1 mozzarella ball 100g spaghetti…Read More »

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beefed-up sarnies

roast beef sandwich with loads of healthy extras 4 People 15 minutes 0 minutes Equipment Large bowl Sharp Knife Chopping board Grater Small knife for spreading teaspoon Ingredients 1 carrot 4 lettuce leaves 1 cooked beetroot (vacuum packed, grated) 1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced 2 teaspoons vinegar    8 slices of wholemeal bread 8 teaspoons…Read More »