Healthy Eating is all about having a good balance of different foods and nutrients in our diets, it’s not about cutting everything you like out.

Eating a balanced diet and having a variety of food is important for good health and well being. Healthy eating isn’t boring and shouldn’t be difficult, it’s about enjoying your food and being mindful about what you eat. At Cook Together Eat Together we have lots of delicious and healthy recipes for you to try.

Have a look at the fact sheets below for useful tips and resources, on a range of healthy eating topics.

The Eatwell Guide

A useful tool that shows which food groups to include with every meal.

10 tips for food budgeting

On a budget? Read these tips to eat healthily while spending less.

8 tips to eat well

Eight tips to help you to eat more healthily.

A breakfast boost

How to get that healthy boost of energy in the morning from some brilliant breakfasts!

Special Diets

Here are some top tips if your diet is restricted by allergies to gluten or dairy.

Food labels

Helping to make food labels less confusing.

Food Safety

Want to know how to make sure you are Cooking and Eating Well safely? Click here for our food safety tips.

Food Safety – BBQ

Make sure you are cooking safely on the BBQ this summer – check out our food safety guide.

Grow your own

Here’s a few handy hints on growing your own vegetables.

Key Facts: 5-a-day


Want to know more about fruit and veg? Then read me!

Key facts: Fats


Learn all about different fats and which foods they are found in.

Key facts: Salt


Read this factsheet for great ideas to reduce the amount of salt you eat.

Key Facts: Sugar


Find out how much sugar can be found in snacks and fizzy drinks.

Safe chopping videos


These videos show how to chop and prepare food safely.

Importance of water

Water is essential for us to keep ourselves healthy – find out more in our handy guide.

Vegetarian and vegan tips

Cutting out meat, fish, or animal products can be a big change in your diet, here are our top tips to make sure your diet is still balanced.