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CTET – Recipe Bags

Due to the pandemic bringing our usual 6-week cooking sessions to a halt, we at Cook Together Eat Together now deliver recipe parcels to our participants. We wanted to keep our participants engaged and so started this initiative where every other week we offer a choice of 2 recipes to participants and then deliver a…Read More »


Feeding Coventry

Over the past few weeks the Cook Together Eat Together team in Coventry have been working on an exciting partnership with Coventry City Council and Feeding Coventry to support families to cook simple, low cost meals. The Groundwork team have: Created ‘5 meals for £15’ leaflets, which include a shopping list of what people can…Read More »

Food Facilitator Training

Every public health initiative deserves a legacy to ensure the great work continues to benefit those in need. We have been busy creating a legacy for Cook Together Eat Together (CTET) and are pleased to announce we have just trained our first group of Food Facilitators. The training is designed to give participants the confidence,…Read More »

Cook Together Eat Together Birmingham

Cook Together Eat Together has now launched in Birmingham! Funded by Birmingham City Council through the NNS Innovation Fund, Groundwork West Midlands will deliver 14 FREE cooking clubs to residents of Birmingham aged 50 and over. The clubs will be delivered in the following constituencies; Yardley, Hall Green and Hodge Hill. The project aims to…Read More »