Sizzling Breakfast Muffins

These are great made up in advance for a grab and go breakfast 12 People 20 minutes 20 minutes Equipment Weighing scales Muffin cases & tray Mixing bowl Spoons Sharp knife Chopping board Ingredients 4 rashers lean bacon 250g self raising flour 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 85ml sunflower oil 2 eggs 100ml semi-skimmed milk…Read More »

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Breakfast Bars

This recipe is a great way to grab breakfast on the go – without all the added sugar from a shop bought version! 6 People 15 minutes 25 minutes Equipment Mixing bowl Mixing spoon Plate Fork Baking tin Wire rack Ingredients 150g jumbo oats 2 medium, very ripe bananas 60g melted margarine 60g cherries,…Read More »


Breakfast Trifle

This fruity trifle is perfect for the mornings, it will help to kick start your day 1 People 5 minutes 0 minutes Equipment Tablespoon Glasses or small bowls to serve Ingredients 1 box of granola or unsweetened muesli 1 pot of low fat natural yoghurt or low fat Greek yoghurt Canned or fresh fruit of…Read More »

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Easy Omelette

Try this delicious omelette for a tasty breakfast 2-4 People 15 minutes 5-10 minutes Equipment Weighing scales Sieve Sharp knife Chopping board Cheese grater Mixing bowl Fork Measuring spoons Non stick frying pan Wooden spoon Palette knife Ingredients 150g peas    2 spring onions                                           150g low fat cheddar cheese 1 x pepper 50g mushrooms                  2 x…Read More »

Mini Omelettes

These are tasty hot or cold and can be kept for 2 days in the fridge! 6 People 10 minutes 20 minutes Equipment Weighing scales Measuring spoons Muffin tin Sharp knife Chopping board Grater Medium mixing bowl Small bowl or large jug Fork Large spoon Ingredients 30ml spoons sunflower oil 4 x spring onions 150g…Read More »


Fruity Pancakes

Great for a lazy weekend breakfast – and perfect to squeeze in some of your 5 a day 4 People 15 minutes 10 minutes Equipment Sharp knife Chopping board Measuring spoons Wooden spoon Measuring jug Frying Pan Bowl Weighing scales Ingredients 125ml Semi skimmed milk 1 beaten egg 75g wholemeal flour 1/4 teaspoon baking powder…Read More »


Luxury Porridge

By adding fruit and yogurt to porridge this breakfast is delicious and filling 4 People 5 minutes 10 minutes Equipment Non-stick saucepan Measuring jug Wooden spoon Bowls (for the yoghurt and berries and for serving) Ingredients 150g porridge oats 900 ml cold water Low fat natural yoghurt 100g frozen berries Simple steps Put the porridge…Read More »