Why do we need breakfast?

  • Breakfast is exactly what it says on the tin, it breaks the fast we have been in overnight. It is the fuel our body needs to start the day. Just like putting petrol in the car before a journey.
  • Without breakfast our body is running on an empty fuel tank leaving us tired and hungry. This leads to snacking on foods such as energy drinks and less healthy sugary snacks such as chocolate.
  • Breakfast kicks off your metabolism and helps with weight management!

Top tips

  • Base your breakfast on starchy foods, such as bread and cereals. This will give you energy for the whole morning
  • Try low fat versions of margarine, yogurt and try semi-skimmed or skimmed milk to reduce fat
  • Always try to fit one of your “5 a day” portions of fruit and vegetables in to breakfast – do this by adding fruit to cereal, vegetables in omelettes, or wash down breakfast with a 150ml serving of a smoothie or 100% fruit juice
  • Swap your cereal or bread to a lower sugar wholegrain version. Look at the traffic lights on the label of your cereal and chose one that has mostly greens for sugar, fat and salt
  • Swap your bread to a wholemeal or seeded version
  • Try adding some seeds or a few nuts to your cereal or porridge


Looking for inspiration? Take a look at our breakfast recipes: